John Diebold -- HQ -- 08/65-01/66

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John Diebold -- HQ -- 08/65-01/66

Post by admin » Sat Mar 08, 2008 6:05 pm

On 2005-12-14 at 10:22:45,
LAST_NAME = Diebold
submit_by =
TIME = 08/65-01/66
PLATOON = Headquarters
Nam_Rank = Spec.4
Final_Rank =
ACTUALLY_DID = Truck driver-map distribution
HOMETOWN = Chicago
ETS = 01/66
LIVE_NOW = Huntley,IL
PROFESSION = Retired HR Director
EXPERIENCE = I was with the 569th when the company was sent to Nam from Ft.Hood TX. We spent 28 days on the USS J.C. Breckenridge crossing thePacific. When we arrived in NhaTrang outside the air base, we had to start from scratch, setting up tents and latrines etc. Ate canned food for a long time.
I spent a lot of time driving my duece and a half to Camrahn Bay . Sometimes I picked up supplies, but other times I had to transport ammo to different units.
It was a little tense at times driving down Highway 1 with a load of ammo. On Christmas Eve 1965 our campsite was bombed and attacked by small arms fire.Two Chinese Nung guards of our camp were killed. The next day the Bob Hope show went on as planned.
AFTER_NAM = I spent 34 years working for the Florsheim Shoe Company. I am an avid Cub fan and golfer.
DOING_NOW = Retired, golf and fish. Spend sometime in Marco Island Fl. every year.
FUTURE_PLANS = Take life easy.
COMMENTS = Would like to hear from any of the guys I spent time with.

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Re: John Diebold -- HQ -- 08/65-01/66

Post by jgoodson » Tue Dec 08, 2009 12:25 pm

John – I am Jerry Goodson and I fount this site only a few weeks ago. I have a post you may find interesting. I am sorry that my memory is not better than it is. I was part of the Carto Platoon and I cannot say for sure I know you. I cannot remember but about two or three of my buddies in my tent. And that is sad.

I also came over on the Breckenridge. That trip was one of the events that I will remember the rest of my life. My memory is short but I remember that a flying fish or a dolphin became a source of entertainment when it was spotted. It seams like everyone on board had to see it. We would run to the side and lean over trying not to miss it. I believe the ship also leaned with the extra weight.

I also remember having to remain below decks for several days after leaving Hawaii as we skirted a Typhoon and ended up off the coast of Japan. My compartment was about three levels down and next to the bow latrine. When the bow went up the water came out and spilled over the bulk head. What a day and night.

I do remember the attack on the night you mentioned. As things began to explode I was trying to become as flat as a piece of paper in my white underwear outside my tent in the sand. Like a lizard I was digging a hole with my arms and legs while keeping an eye out for something small and dark. Our weapons were locked up.

It was good reading your comments. Jerry Goodson, 713-320-9215 Cell,

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