569th Soldier denied posttraumatic stress disorder

They're talking about us and the Veterans of Desert Storm and the Iraq War.
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569th Soldier denied posttraumatic stress disorder

Post by johncope » Mon Jun 23, 2008 3:26 pm

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I didn't recognize any names but it was appealed and denied

The claims do sound a bit suspect...

anyone know about this?
John Copeland
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Re: 569th Soldier denied posttraumatic stress disorder

Post by niobrara63 » Tue Dec 01, 2015 11:52 am

From Parker Ferguson-----------Some years ago I spoke with a Don Bender---later changed his name to Don Benton. He was very upset each time we talked ---many times-- and I told him about getting to a VA hospital. He lived in Las Vegas, NV. Several months later I called--e mailed---and mail a letter ---LATER RETURNED. ALL communication stop. All phone numbers and e mail disconnected. I wonder if this is the guy????????

bob keefe
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Re: 569th Soldier denied posttraumatic stress disorder

Post by bob keefe » Tue Dec 01, 2015 3:02 pm

Bob Keefe, 66-67, Survey platoon.

Doesn't sound quite real. I don't recall any NVA or VC airplanes. However, as to "combat with the enemy" exactly how is "combat" defined, and by whom? I should think if one was in a "combat zone", then one is exposed to combat, like it or not.

When I left, the casualties were two carto (?) men dead in a C-130 crash, and a man I had that lost a foot on a toe popper mine on the hill above the ARVN NCO Academy. I, sometimes on recon while setting up a job, seldom encountered anything other than mortar fire or mines, (both common) and I don't believe my men experienced much else. We did get some bad scares as I remember. and there is a picture somewhere on this site of a Survey 3/4 ton that took a mortar round long after I left.

I know that John Langland, the Survey Warrant before me, was involved in a chopper crash. I don't know if it was shot down or had a mechanical failure.

I personally know a man who was the cook for a BG in the 1st Cavalry who got sent to the field for one night and got 100% full PTSD pay for years. I happened to be in Anh Khe when Charlie dropped in a humongous amount of mortars to celebrate the Cav's 100th or something birthday. No damage done except holes in the runway! He wasn't there.Therefore, I would believe that approval of any claim primarily depends upon who rules on it. I would doubt any reviewer who thinks that "Calvary" is the same thing as "Cavalry". My comment would be "Jesus Christ", who have we hired?

I can understand a company clerk having PTSD if he never heard a shot fired and if he was in Saigon or Phu Bai. This guy may very well have had it, but from the stories recounted and the drug use, I would say it's a self inflicted wound.
Bob Keefe

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