I had my hip replaced by the V.A. April 27th 2011

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I had my hip replaced by the V.A. April 27th 2011

Post by admin » Wed Jul 27, 2011 8:56 am

I had my hip replaced by the V.A. April 27th 2011 at the Mike O'Callaghan Federal Hospital (MOFH) - VA Southern Nevada by Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Richard Briggs.

I can't say enough what a success the surgery was. I feel a new lease on my life. The whole process was so smooth and the VA was great.

It took a little longer to get approved than I would have liked but once they approved it everything was great. Dr. Briggs is a great guy and did an amazing job. All the nurses and staff at the VA were wonderful.

Being self employed since 1977, I haven't been able to afford private health insurance in 10 years, and I now rely on the VA entirely. I am at the lowest level for care, but the co-pay is minimal and they have taken good care of me the whole time. I get checked up annually and they monitor well and areas that could cause me problems down the line. All my medications are taken care of and I feel I get very good care.

If this is what a National health care system would be like, I say "bring it on". I doubt I could have gotten my hip replaced much sooner with private insurance and I know the co-pay would have been much higher.

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