Douglas Tagner -- carto -- aug 68-aug69

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Douglas Tagner -- carto -- aug 68-aug69

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On Tue Nov 12 16:16:14 2002,
The following information was submitted:
FIRST_NAME = douglas
LAST_NAME = tagner
submit_by =
TIME = aug 68-aug69
PLATOON = carto
Nam_Rank = sp4
Final_Rank = pfc
ACTUALLY_DID = stayed as scarce as possible
HOMETOWN = bay shore LI. NY
MOS = 41c20
ETS = dec 31 1970
BIRTH_DATE = sept 4 1948
LIVE_NOW = Pt.St.Lucie Fl
PROFESSION = Own a real estate company
CONTACT_PHONE = 772-340-2236
EXPERIENCE = I remember entering country at Long bihn, was sent up to quinyon for a week then finally to nha trang. Dean picked me up at the airport and broughy me to camp. I remember pulling into the compound and seeing Jacocks who was a class ahead of me at Ft. Belvoir. There where several guys there I already knew, Larry Collins,Donnely and a few others I can't remember. The first night there Collins and Jacocks took me into town probably because I had cash on me. Well we got drunk, stoned and laid. All in all a fun time was had by all. I remember coming back to base in a vespa wasted and thinking this isn't so bad.I think I ate the bread there for a couple of weeks before I understood why everybody held it up to the light...I remember payday, getting a couple of bottles of Matues going out the gate and getting a dollar bag of pre rolled herb sticks sitting on the bunkers and watch spooky scrape the hillside. Quite entertaining I must say. Guard duty at the dump, It reall!
y was a beautiful veiw of the valley, other then the smell it wasn't too bad, plus you got to shoot flares at the post below you...Then there was obesital and cola..24 hour card games..telling new guys that they where suppose to take their malaria pills everyday...Come to think of it I don't think I had a solid bm the whole time I was there..and how come I itch now and then....steam and creams..I remember all the married guys got those, it made them feel they were being loyal....but I liked them too..five bucks well spent as far as I'm concerned....I remember the Chistmas party getting so out of hand the round eyed blond wouldn't go all the way... bummer! I guess in a way we were lucky.. we truly dodged a bullet...I met some great guys there, Mahl,Downey,Beazley, Happy Haverisko,Copland, Sgt. Seaman, Collins, Jacocks,Guida Hurt..shit.. the list goes on...I'm sure all the guys appreciate what you have done here John..And I'm sure I speak for all of them when I say thanks for !
the memories.
AFTER_NAM = Got back from nam and had another year and a half to do at Ft. Benning Ga.God, by that time I could not stand the service any longer, I thought it would never end...We were in the 43rd Eng. Battalion, mostly made up of Nam vets and no where to put us. They stuck us as far off main base as possibly...out by were the rangers trained.. hell.. most of the guys were still wearing jungle caps and shades....outside waiting for mess we would watch the rangers double timing by and start yelling lifers cant tap dance..I'm sure you remember what happens after that...In unison they would say the 43rd cant shoot and cant fight..we would say. oh fuck you.. I finally got out new years eve of 1970 was busted down to a pfc because the last 60 days they couldn't find me ...Went straight down to Fl. and got into college...aaah college in the early seventies, in Fl.. my god..was it me or was that era just incredible. Ended up getting married in 71 and the rest is History.
DOING_NOW = Now...I am getting tired of working, but I have to eat I,m 54 years old... but thats not bad.. my wife has promised me a threesome when I turn 55.. she is very cool.The secret to my longevity is racket ball,beer, weight bag, Canadian I say beer..
FUTURE_PLANS = My future plans right now is to make it to 55..
COMMENTS = John.. one of the pictures you have in there.. you saying its Rico and Sims.. Rico is right, but I think the other guy is Larry Collins...If he's still alive I'd say he's still in Chicago

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