Robert Ponce -- carto -- Jun 68- Aug 69

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Robert Ponce -- carto -- Jun 68- Aug 69

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On Tue Nov 26 19:49:52 2002,
The following information was submitted:
submit_by =
TIME = Jun 68- Aug 69
PLATOON = cartography
Nam_Rank = e-4
Final_Rank =
ACTUALLY_DID = worked in photo lab and map compilation (next door)
HOMETOWN = Santa Ana, CA
MOS = cartography
BIRTH_DATE = 10/28/46
LIVE_NOW = Garden Grove, CA
PROFESSION = Middle school teacher
CONTACT_PHONE = 714-5308623
EXPERIENCE = I remember that Nha Trang was called the R&R Center for the American, vietcong, and NVA. Why would you want to destroy it??!! I arrived during the company party on the beach and left in August 69. My brother Jim joined our unit in June 69. I have some very vivid memories of my time there. I would like to share some photos as soon as I figure the technology end of this computer. I also have tons of slides of my time in Nha Trang. What ever happened to Jacocks, Collins, Bomely, McArthur, Napier, Poston, Ontiveros, and others? A reunion would be great.
AFTER_NAM = Graduated from college, Long Beach State Univ in 72. Also got married that year. Received teaching credential in 73. Been teaching ever since at same school in Yorba Linda, CA. e
DOING_NOW = Looking forward to retire in about 5 years. I do stained, leaded glass products as a little business/hobby.
FUTURE_PLANS = Get through the next few years and settle in this area in a smaller home. Travel some more as I have already done for the past 30 years. Life has been pretty good to me.
COMMENTS = Harry Jacocks, Tom Collins, Robert Napier, Larry Poston, Mc Arthur, Tony Ontiveros (Ventura CA. area), Ken McClintock passed away in the mid 70s. I had visited him in Ohio in winter of 69. He was very close to me and was coming out to the west coast before he found out that he was ill. I'll never forget Wooster, Ohio. Look me up if your in So. California.

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