Robert Swan (Cpt) -- HQ -- Jun. 69 - Feb 70

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Robert Swan (Cpt) -- HQ -- Jun. 69 - Feb 70

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On Tue Mar 25 16:20:18 2003,
The following information was submitted:
submit_by =
TIME = Jun. 69 - Feb 70
PLATOON = Headquarters
Nam_Rank = CPT
Final_Rank = LTC (Ret)
ACTUALLY_DID = Company Commander
ETS = Retired 1 Dec 87
LIVE_NOW = Orlando, FL
PROFESSION = Consultant
EXPERIENCE = Deactivated the Unit on 14 Feb, 1970 Burnt the Property Book and drank a beer with my XO, Tim Pratt at 18 Eng Bde Hqs, overlooking Cam Ran Bay. It was a sad day.
AFTER_NAM = Two Tours in Germany Undergraduate Degree in Omaha, Neb. Graduate Degree in Huntsville, AL Stationed at Fort Riely, KS with 1st Engr Bn. Stationed in Huntsville, AL as Advisor to Reserve and National Guard Retired from 1st COSCOM, Ft Bragg, NC on 1 Dec 1987 as LTC.
DOING_NOW = Working as a Debris Management Consultant with the firm of Dewberry. They are a Technical Assistant Contractor to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). I have been involved with consulting on major natural and manmade cleanup operatins around the US. Such as Hurricane Andrew in Florida and Typhoon Paka in Guam. Instructor at the Emergency Management Institute in Emmitsburg, MD. Currently living in Orlando, FL.
COMMENTS = Note the I still have the original 569th Company Flag and numerous pictures around the company and some of the last production reports submitted to Headquarters, in Long Binh.

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