Dean Guida -- HQ -- Apr. '68 - Jan. '69

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Dean Guida -- HQ -- Apr. '68 - Jan. '69

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On 2003-06-02 at 21:47:29,
The following information was submitted:
submit_by =
TIME = Apr. '68 - Jan. '69
PLATOON = Headquarters
Nam_Rank = SP5
Final_Rank = SGM
ACTUALLY_DID = Company Clerk
HOMETOWN = Detroit Lakes MN
MOS = Map Compilation Specialist
ETS = 15 Jan 73
BIRTH_DATE = April 7, 1948
LIVE_NOW = Moorhead, Minnesota
PROFESSION = Ret Military/Maint Engr
CONTACT_PHONE = 218-236-5759
EXPERIENCE = Getting caught downtown Nha Trang during an alert. Made it back to camp next morning but still had to fill a few sandbags. Going on R&R with John Copeland to Hong Cong & returning to Nam with the Hong Cong flu and ending up in the hospital for a few days (with Copeland).
AFTER_NAM = Joined the National Guard in 1974 and served on an Active Guard Reserve tour for the next 23 years. Retired from the National Guard in October of 1997 as Minnesota's Operations NCO for Recruiting and Retention.
DOING_NOW = Currently working as a Maintenance Engineer with Moorhead Public Housing and moonlighting as many construction jobs as time permits (mostly the non-paying type for friends and relatives (my children)).
FUTURE_PLANS = Soon to be a full time Grandpa which I know will keep both Jeanie & me very busy....


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