Vince Blancato -- Survey -- Apr. 68-Apr. 69

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Vince Blancato -- Survey -- Apr. 68-Apr. 69

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On 2004-09-17 at 08:26:16,
The following information was submitted:
From Host:
LAST_NAME = Blancato
submit_by =
TIME = Apr. 68-Apr. 69
PLATOON = Survey
Nam_Rank = E-4
Final_Rank = E-4
MOS = Topo Surveyor
ETS = I forgot what this means
BIRTH_DATE = 12/3/48
LIVE_NOW = New Port Richey FL
PROFESSION = Retired 9/04
CONTACT_PHONE = 727.847.1108
EXPERIENCE = The Beauty of the country. Shit detail. C-Rations. Mama San & Baby San. A pack of Asia "cigerettes"
AFTER_NAM = When to school on the GI Bill. Graduated from Cal. St. Fullerton w/BA Mktg. Working my ass off for 29 yrs. in the Food Service Business.
DOING_NOW = Just RETIRED. Doing a lot of volunteer work teaching children about nutrition and santitation (without using those big words) and how to eat right
Member of VFW Post #10167 Honor Guard
FUTURE_PLANS = Live as long as I can.
COMMENTS = Did Klose ever get all that shit off of him?

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