Mike Marini -- Carto -- Dec. '68 - Dec. '69

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Mike Marini -- Carto -- Dec. '68 - Dec. '69

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On 2005-01-01 at 10:02:09,
The following information was submitted:
LAST_NAME = Marini
submit_by = marini157@sbcglobal.net
TIME = Dec. '68 - Dec. '69
Nam_Rank = SP 5
Final_Rank =
ACTUALLY_DID = Scribing, Compiling on Multiplex
HOMETOWN = Rock Springs, WI
MOS = Carto Draftsman, Compiler
ETS = Dec. 12, 1969
BIRTH_DATE = May 29, 1945
LIVE_NOW = Sheboygan, WI
PROFESSION = Cartographer
EXPERIENCE = Met some great guys in Vietnam. Think about many of them often. Was surprised to run across this website and don't know why I never thought to do a search for it sooner.
AFTER_NAM = Went back to my previous job in mapping and went on to graduate school receiving a Master's Degree in Cartography. Have worked in mapping ever since. Have been married since 2/70, and we do a lot of family things as well as travelling as much as we can. Have always had an interest in sports and classic cars and am a long time enthusiast and owner of MG's.
DOING_NOW = 1/1/2005. Trying to enjoy each day! Still working for a few more years. Continue to travel as much as we can.
FUTURE_PLANS = More of the same. Our children and grandchildren sure are enjoyable!
COMMENTS = John Pierce and Jim Robertson come to mind.


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