John Church -- HQ -- '69

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John Church -- HQ -- '69

Post by admin » Sat Mar 08, 2008 6:07 pm

On 2005-06-07 at 14:38:44,
The following information was submitted:
LAST_NAME = church
submit_by =
TIME = 129 maintenance 1969
Nam_Rank = spec 5
Final_Rank = spec5
ACTUALLY_DID = kept the beer cold at the NCO club......generators and repair
HOMETOWN = Stilwell,Ok
MOS = 52D40
ETS = 1970
BIRTH_DATE = dec 29 1947
LIVE_NOW = Claremore okla
PROFESSION = retired telephone man
CONTACT_PHONE = 918 342 5331
EXPERIENCE = USO show to see Dean Martin's Gold Diggers at Camh Rahn
TDy to Ban ME Thout to repair reffers to keep the meat cold so every one could have a hot meal once in a while
We supported the 18 did I fill a lot of sand bags....visited a refugee camp with a MACV unit
I'm currently dealing with Agent Orange....The old Roberts compound after TET......If you needed needed me ....Ihave more but I'll have to let it go when we took 5 rounds on TET 1969....The kitchen....the showers...the Day room. the nunguard shack at the main gate..
AFTER_NAM = I spent 31 years as a telephone man...I retired Nov 2002..It seems like I've had a chip on my shoulder for-ever..I never checked into the VA until after I retired ...Ive been turned down twice on my claim for PTSD....Ispent time in the 8th field hospital for what I was told was malaria. I'mdoing OK but sometimes I still get down....I drank my first beer at Mc dermott and ate my first pizza I believe I was a real hick from Oklahoma...just don't call me one to my face...Ha
DOING_NOW = Nowadays I just loaf I'm single and I learned to live by myself and like it ....I play fiddle in a band and also work on a few as well....I also injoy gourd dancing at pow wows (I'm Indian)
COMMENTS = Would like to here from Thomas R Swenson "OLEY' from Tanana Alaska..and ask him why he always lets the girl beat in the iditerod dog race ...Eugene Curley from Crown Point N.M. And Archy Faison from D.C. I always wish all is well.....
129th maintence co

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Interesting Things about Yourself: I'm a daughter of a Vietnam vet and have always wondered what his time was like there.

Re: John Church -- HQ -- '69

Post by dcswenson » Thu Jun 16, 2011 6:31 pm

Mr. Church ~ I believe I'm the daughter of the Thomas R. Swenson you mention in your post. My dad's name was Thomas R. Swenson, he was from Tanana, AK. and was in Vietnam in the late 60's. Unfortunately, he passed away in 1989. I was excited to see this website because I know nothing about my dad's time in Vietnam.

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