Parker Ferguson -- Survey -- Oct. 64---July 66

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Parker Ferguson -- Survey -- Oct. 64---July 66

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LAST_NAME = Ferguson
submit_by =
TIME = Oct. 64---July 66
Nam_Rank = SP/4
Final_Rank = SP/4
HOMETOWN = Niobrara, NE
MOS = Water Purification
ETS = July 1966
BIRTH_DATE = 05-08-44
LIVE_NOW = Gold Canyon, Arizona
CONTACT_PHONE = (480) 888- 2828
EXPERIENCE = April 1966 being a short timer and getting ambushed and wounded.Lots of scars still exist. I with 2 fellow Survey members--Carroll W. (HOOKS) Collier and Richard Mast. Have you ever tried to find a fellow vet and find that it's almost impossible, at least that has been my experience. I was one of the orginal personal who came over from Fort Hood, Texas. We came over on the 1943 cruse ship USS BRECKINBRIDGE which took about a month. For those who came over on it, write and will give you the web site of it's history. It's interesting about it's long life.
AFTER_NAM = Have lived in Arizona most of the time with a few wonderful years in England after I retired in 1998. Now living in Gold Canyon, Arizona. I'm about 45 miles East of Phoenix.I do not play golf and that seems to be one question that is asked when one states one is retired. I travel a lot and do landscaping/gardening and just about anything else I want to do at any time or moment.
DOING_NOW = As stated do a lot of traveling and very flexable as to what I want to do or go. No strings, just lots of great life ahead.
FUTURE_PLANS = The future is going to be the same as the past years after retirement, wonderful and fruitful. Been blessed with a lovely life.
COMMENTS = If anyone knows how---and it must be a sure thing---of how to locate Vets let me know. I'm a member of and have been told by many this is how to do it, but still looking for Carroll and Richard. I have a 569th Unit order sheet dated Oct 14 1965 showing those who were promoted with their service numbers and mos,and even with this it has not help. Please let me know of anything that can be done.

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