Crisostomo (REV) Reveles -- Carto -- Aug 65- Sept 66

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Crisostomo (REV) Reveles -- Carto -- Aug 65- Sept 66

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Date: 19 Mar 2002 21:17:51 -0000

On Tue Mar 19 13:17:51 2002,
The following information was submitted:
FIRST_NAME = Crisostomo (REV)
LAST_NAME = Reveles
TIME = Aug 65- Sept 66
ACTUALLY_DID = Plotted Info on various scale maps
HOMETOWN = Phoenix, Arizona
MOS = 51Q.20 Terrain Analyst
ETS = Retired 30 Nov 1974
BIRTH_DATE = May 29th 1933
LIVE_NOW = Sun City, Arizona
CONTACT_PHONE = (623) 972-2348
EXPERIENCE = Had a dream assignment at Ft Jay, New York as a Terrain Analyst plotting info on urban area maps that were being used for riot control purpose during the protesting of the Viet Nam war--around June of 1965 I got assigned to the 569th at Ft Hood, Texas which was getting ready to deploy to Nha Trang--we left as a unit around August of the same year--we were one of the first unit to put up our tents in Tent City--later it was renamed Camp McDermott--if memory serves me right is was named for a service member that lost his life on the day he was to rotate or afew days before--
AFTER_NAM = Became my own boss for afew years as a construction clean-up contractor.
DOING_NOW = Playing alot of golf and a whole lot of dancing.
FUTURE_PLANS = Get together with all my fellow 56niners--any where--any place--any time--not a dream--we can make it happen
COMMENTS = Bob Astin--Dean Seaman--Ernest Y. Sakamoto--Elmer S. Key--Mr Brogen (Brogan?)I'll probably think of other names later.

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