Joe Shamp CARTO July 1966 - June 1967

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Interesting Things about Yourself: Assigned to 569th Carto Platoon from July 1966 thru June 1967, subsequent assignments: Ft Belvoir 30th Eng Bn, Pentagon Army Ops Center, Korea, Ft Belvoir Defense Mapping School, Ft McPhereson, GA TOPO INTEL Team, Sergeants Major Academy student, Hawaii 29th Engr Bn, 1SG, S-3 NCO, CSM, retired Nov 1990. Was then Navy contractor for 8 yrs and IT Security for Pentagon Renovation for 10 years.
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Joe Shamp CARTO July 1966 - June 1967

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TIME = July 1966 to June 1967


Nam Rank = SP4

Final Rank = CSM

ACTUALLY DID = Worked in Drafting Van

HOMETOWN = Union City, PA

MOS = Cartographic Draftsman

Retired = 1 Nov 1990

BIRTH DATE = December 30, 1946


LIVE NOW = Cypress, Texas

PROFESSION = Retired IT Security Manager

EXPERIENCE = I was assigned to the 569th right out of AIT abour 8 months after the first group arrived at the beaches of Nha Trang. Just a few days later the Chinese camp was hit by morters and we spent the night in the bunkers behint the tent. Rifles, no ammo and the sand bags smelled like piss. I remember thinking that this is going to be a really long year.

Thanks to guys like Jerry Goodson, Joel Ozier, and Dave (can't remember last name) I was indoctrinated into the 569th routine. Working, volley ball, horseshoes, and going to town for a steam bath and a few beers. KP every 14 days and guard duty every 7, or was it the other way around, can't remember.

Jerry Goodson was my immediate supervisor and I remember the first job he assigned to me was to make a Carto Van sign-out board. OK except I misspelled his name on the chart, in ink.

One of the biggest impressions early on was the mess tent. Dehydrated potatoes that were sometimes hard and watery and others pasty, wrinkled up tastless hot dogs (sometimes known as WAC Training Aids), and jello to drink. Thankfully the food improved some with time. Think it had something to do with the mess SGT owning a bar downtown. Never could drink the milk. They did have the best coffee I ever drank.

I too remember the monsoon season when it rained 24/7 for about 3 months. Uniforms came back from the laundry damp and boots never did dry out. The cooler weather did ease up the heat rash, I still get itchy skin when the weather gets hot. That winter the 8 bars lined up down the beach were washed out to sea. Never saw so much rain and wind.

I wish that I could remember the names of all my friends in our tent at that time. It was a miserable place but we managed to have fun anyhow. Every Sunday Bonehead would try to polish a whole case of beer. And the marathon card games on the back porch with Jerry, Dennis, Joel and Dave. How about the Christmas party where everyone saved their booze rations and care packages from home. Only time I ever say a bunch of enlisted making a lieutenant do pushups. Don't think anyone remembered mush the next morning. That was one hell of a police call that morning.

I also remember Bill Huff and his dog, Itchy. If you tossed a ball of wet sand, Itchy would catch it every time, never did learn. What can you expect from a male dog that peed like a female and got his legs wet in the process.

AFTER NAM = Went to Ft belvoir where I ended up working for WO Elmer Key in the 30th Engr Bn S-3 shop. The 569th 1st CO (can't remember his name) was there also. In 1980 I was at the Mapping School working for Dean Seaman aain. He got out afer Nam for awhile and came back on active duty. I remkember he had to have a waiver to stay past age 55 to be eligablr to retire, unfortunately he had a heart attack and died one month before retirement. After that I went to Forces Command at Ft McPherson, GA; Sergeants Major Academy; and to the 29th Engr Bn in Hawaii where I retired as the CSM.

DOING NOW = Retired from being a defense contractor security manager.

Joe Shamp

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