Jerry Goodson - Carto - 65 to 67

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Jerry Goodson - Carto - 65 to 67

Post by jgoodson » Wed Nov 25, 2009 8:54 am


LAST_NAME = Goodson

submit_by =

TIME = Aug. 65 to May 67


Nam_Rank = SP5

Final_Rank = SP5

ACTUALLY_DID = Worked in Photo Van

HOMETOWN = LaMarque, Texas

MOS = Map Compiler

ETS = 3 May 1967

BIRTH_DATE = June 26, 1943


LIVE_NOW = Cypress, Texas

PROFESSION = Drafting Manager

EXPERIENCE = I was part of the first group to set foot on the beaches of Nha Trang. I left with the company from Ft Hood as SP2, went to San Francisco, loaded up on the USS General J. C. Breckenridge, went to Hawaii then over to Japan and down to Viet Nam. On the way to Japan, we went through a Typhoon (BIG waves). We stopped off the coast of central Viet Nam for about 5 hours then shipped down to Cam Ranh Bay, unloaded and trucked up to Nha Trang. Unloaded and started setting up the camp (tents without support).

Several weeks later I signed out a 2 ½ ton truck, picked up several friends in our tent and went to the air base and stole several truck loads of lumber that was piled up at the end of the field. On the third trip we got caught. I had to stand in front of the base commander and try to explain why I was steeling there lumber. I almost got court marshaled but we had enough lumber to build an extra room on the back of the tent. Home sweet home.

I can remember the monsoon season when it rained 27/7 for about 3 months. The tent that stored all of the offset press maps got flooded and was useless. And I remember the first VC attack at night. We were still in white underwear because camouflage dress ware was not issued yet. Trying to hide in top of the sand in white did not work. To make it worse, we did not have any weapons. Were classified as “non-combatant” and our weapons were locked up in containers. The OD had a key but everything happened so fast it was useless to open the container. Luckily no one in our company was hurt.

It is sad that I cannot remember the names of my friends in our tent at that time. Only a few come back to me. Bill Huff, Al Cross, Steve Melick and Dino Storelli are some I remember.

I remember the fight I was forced into one evening before dark. Two young solders, Frank (?) and Andy (?), had just returned from town tanked up. Apparently I had offended Frank sever months earlier when he first arrived in camp. That evening he decided to even the score. Two on one for awhile. I was black and blue for several weeks.

I remember meeting Bob Hope and Joey Hetherton when his show came in. “Joe” incase you don’t remember is NOT a guy.

I remember Bill Huff and his dog. Bill also got bit by a rat and spent several days in the hospital. Way to go Bill.

Some of you may remember the mountains of beer piled on the beach. The VC sank a supply ship between the cost and the island and the bear “floated” to shore. We had to pull guard duty to keep the whole army from helping themselves. I didn’t work because every trip to the guard stations the jeep or 2.5 ton truck came back with a load. Most of it was stored under the wood floor of our tent.

AFTER_NAM = Became a trainee draftsman for a metal building company in Houston.

DOING_NOW = Still in the Prefabricated Metal Building Business as an R & D Manager.

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Re: Jerry Goodson - Carto - 65 to 67

Post by admin » Sat Nov 28, 2009 12:37 pm

Hey Jerry,

I enjoyed reading your post, and am happy you found us.
I came in shortly after you left... everyone was just moving into the wooden barracks when I got there, so I never had the pleasure that I'm sure living in tent city must have been.

I too came over as a map compiler, and worked in the photo van... changed my life.

Please pass our site info on to anyone else you might still be in touch with, it would be great if we had more activity on the boards.

John Copeland

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