Repro Platoon ~ 1965-1966 The Beginning.......

Talk about what and who you remember from the 569th Engr Topo Corps
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Re: Repro Platoon ~ 1965-1966 The Beginning.......

Post by John H Watson » Tue Apr 18, 2017 2:51 am

I woke up this morning with a song in my head. Not really a song, it was a poem we made up about a friend
of ours in our platoon named John Silva. John was a really nice guy, kind of a laid back California surfer dude.
I think there's a picture of him in the preceding story.
Why we wrote it and why we sang it nobody knows.
The Bohemian in the poem was Russel Peska.

It was titled, "The Ballad of Leroy Silva, aka, same same monkey."?

Through his T-shirt tightly fitting
came his muscles big and brawny
His name was Leroy Silva
he was far from being scrawny

Suddenly Leroy's Face turned to hatred for this skinny assed Bohemian
And he ran across the room with his arms continuously flexing
Now I'm drawing a blank and will have to get back to you later.
It's too late and probably too much really good Gin.

If anybody else remembers, please feel free to chime in :mrgreen:


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